Refine by Design offers much more than Personal and Home Styling services. It’s a coaching hub where you can find creativity, inspiration, and motivation. Check out..

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Refine By Design’s mission is to help people realize their style, space and personal potential, and to bring inspiration into their lives by delivering thoughtful, original, and creative coaching solutions that help them in their journey of self expression.

A Message from the owner:

Welcome to my world! As a personal and home style and life coach, I’ve combined the skills that can help people learn how to transform their style, their space and their outlook on life, all by intent, all by design.

Our style and our homes are an extension of who we are. They affect us and affect the way we think about ourselves. They are ways to project ourselves to the world. Your outer environment and outer image should stem from your inner desires and values. My goal is to help you align the two and to give you the tools to learn how to express your style.

Home and Personal styling are related fields that are connected by the concept of image and self expression. Both are about the idea of designing your life. Combining the two will give you an in-depth approach to making a change.

My life and style statement is simplicity with authenticity.  Helping people create a life and style statement of their own gives me purpose. I am passionate about helping people discover what they are all about and create focus on how they want to present themselves to the world around them.

I help people through a coaching process of creative expressionism. My approach is simple yet powerful. Clients can benefit from learning how to express themselves confidently, and to be empowered to create a lasting change.

Refine your life, all by intent, all by design.