Enter with joy: Six inviting ways to make your statement at the door!
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The entrance to your home is like a book cover; it tells much about what will come. This transitional space between the outdoors and the indoors should be welcoming, comforting, organized, and expressive of your style.

Whatever the size and shape of the entrance, there are many ways you can use to make it your own.

Things to consider when designing this in-between space:

  • There is enough room to take off coats and greet visitors.
  • Convenient space to leave mail, keys, and messages.
  • Check the views from the doorway.
  • Use durable finishes; Remember, rain, mud and snow are real!

Now that we covered the basics let’s list the fun ways to decorate an entrance:

  1. Lighting is one of the most fun and dramatic ways to make an expression. Always think about how the light is reflected on the walls around you and if it’s sufficient for the space. Don’t put too much light or too little; that’s one space where you must balance the function and the visual impact. If you have a two-story open entryway, you are in luck, and you can have a long chandelier; that can create a dramatic expression visually by the shape you choose and how it reflects on the ceiling.

2. Painting a welcoming colour is an easy and cheap way to make an impact. Make sure it’s a reflection of what is to come in the rest of the house, so stay within the same value and saturation of the colours in the adjacent rooms, but you can pick another hue.

3. Wallpaper is another way to make a statement at an entrance. You can choose a dramatic pattern since it’s usually a small space, and people don’t stay there for an extended period. Be creative and step out of your comfort zone.

4. Mirrors are a must! Who doesn’t want to check themselves before heading out of the door? You don’t have to stick to only one mirror. You can have three small mirrors in different shapes or frames, one large mirror with a dramatic frame that makes it stand out as a focal point or even a whole section of a wall covered in mirrors from top to bottom. Just one thing to remember, make sure the views reflected by the mirrors are worthy of reflection!

5. Plants can enhance the overall ambiance of an entrance. They can also act as a divider, especially if the views from the doorway towards the main living spaces need to be obstructed; you can go with a large plant.

6. Scent has the power to bring a space a unique feeling, so unless you’re allergic, use the art of scenting and make sure this first space in your house smells refreshing and welcoming. There are many different scent diffusers that you can incorporate as an accent, or add some natural flowers to a lovely decorative vase. Don’t forget about this particular essential element when designing your entryway.

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