Bring The World Into Your Home: Find Your Culture Soul
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There’s no better time to bring the world into your home than today; there’s a sense of human connection that we desperately need and should encourage. There’s so much to learn from other cultures and the rest of the world as much as there’s to give. Travelling and learning about different cultures is a surreal experience that touches the imagination as much as it touches our inner soul to understand our humanity.

I’ve always been intrigued by how people live and how I can bring other people’s lives into mine—the intertwining of ideas and the visual world.

You can incorporate many design ideas into your space, and the idea of the exotic is just one of them. Still, this type of design’s uniqueness comes from its unlimited potential for contrasting elements that you can bring together and make the space harmonious.

Why the exotic? Why bring the universe home? Someone travelling a great deal would know why and need no reason. For others who don’t get the opportunity to travel the world, it’s the perfect reason to bring the world to them instead. It’s the element of surprise that you can introduce to your space. It’s a way to connect with the world and add excitement to your space.

In other words, it’s a way to define your space and find the culture or mix of cultures you connect with. It’s a sense of self-discovery. Designing your home is a process of transforming your space to what your soul connects with. So, find your cultural soul!

How and where to start? There’s no better place to start but with your senses. You can start with what’s visually vibrant in terms of colour to the touch of silk or the touch of exotic woods, from the smells of flora and oils to the taste of rich flavours and move into a new musical rhythm that fills your space with a sense of excitement and adventure.

Colour is the first source of inspiration defining a space. You can choose from the vibrant jewel tones of India to the earthy tones of South Africa. The colours can be on the walls, cushions, or a unique oriental carpet.

You can bring unique patterns into a room, such as those inspired by the stunning tiles of Morocco or Portugal or traditional Japanese pictorial decoration. The colour and the pattern will immediately impact defining your space.

As for texture, it can bring you places. The touch of an object might get you back to the trip you took or the trip you’d like to take. The contrast in texture is essential, from terracotta tiles to exotic woods to soft silk and colourful hand-woven textiles.

The design of an exotic space can only be completed by incorporating the strange smells, the musical beats and the food into the experience, from the selection of flowers and essential oils to the soft or loud musical beats to the taste of an exotic fruit displayed in a handmade bowl.

Bringing the world into your home can be one item at a time. You can add excitement to your home through a few objects you get from your travels. If you don’t travel, there are plenty of places to shop that sell exotic elements, and there’s no limit when you check what’s available online. It’s not about the number of items you bring to the space; it’s more about the object or colour. You can be a minimalist or a maximalist and still define your space as global and exotic. Choose what works with your personality.

This style can be done with high-end objects or on a budget. If you are on a budget, bring a couple of pieces that intrigue you, paint your walls the colour of the exotic feel you’re seeking and add a couple of cushions with unique patterns and colours. Focus on the unusual, and have a passion for the extraordinary. Remember that a few items, each with a special meaning and a sense of refined exotic characteristics, are better than a whole house of furniture with no purpose and no individuality. Choose simple pieces with the highest impact.

Find your culture soul!

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