Mirror Mirror!
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? The magic of mirrors is beyond vanity!

Mirrors in an interior can transform a space. It’s a fantastic tool that can redefine the boundaries of a room. Whether you’re a “Less is More” or “More is More” kind of person, you can find a way to use mirrors to your advantage. From a modern contemporary look to a more traditional classical look, mirrors can add the right element to any space.

Here are a few things to know about mirrors so you can get the best impact:

  • Mirrors will enlarge a room, so placement is critical. The shape of the space will dictate where to put it. For a long, narrow hallway, you want to have it placed on the side walls and not at the end of the hallway. You have to think about which side of the room you’re trying to enlarge and how you want to reshape the room.     


  • You also have to look at what the mirror reflects; you don’t want the mirror to reflect the dirty dishes in the kitchen. Walk around the room and examine how the mirror reflects the space around it.

  • Eye level is the rule for where to hang it on the wall, but the mirror’s purpose and size will also dictate how far from the floor the mirror should be.
  • The frame makes a big difference in style and ensures the mirror blends with the rest of the decorative items in the room. This is where it will stand out, from a traditional or modern look to vintage and other. Think about whether you want to use a wood frame or metal or if you want to keep it frameless. The decision of how to frame the mirror will create the style you’re seeking. Unless you’re trying to create drama and contrast, you want to keep the frame style consistent with the rest of the room.

  • The number of mirrors in a room gives a feel for the style. Three is always a good number when creating repetition in a room, and it’s an ideal number to create an artistic and balanced grouping.

The market is full of options in terms of style and budget. There’s a mirror for every budget:

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