Gold and Sunshine!
December 4, 2022 Comments Off on Gold and Sunshine! Colour admin

I grew up in the eighties, and believe me, Gold was Gold! From clothing to interiors and anything in between, it was a trendy colour, but I never liked it for some reason. I always found it over the top and too flashy until it’s now back in the picture.

Benjamin Moore (Gold 620-10)



It’s not the same Gold I grew up with; there’s something more modern and more alluring to it. It’s mainly how it’s been subtly incorporated into accessories and interiors. These new colour combinations can create drama with a modern flair.



Whether paired with black for maximum impact, white for a subtle touch, purple for an emotional vibe, or blue for a vibrant impression, consider giving gold another opportunity to shine!



Infuse a touch of golden radiance into your life by integrating it into your wardrobe choices, selecting golden hues for your wall paint, or simply adopting a vibrant and positive golden attitude towards life.





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