Home Styling & Coaching Packages

The Home Styling packages available are to empower you to transform your space equipped with the proper knowledge, inspiration, and direction.

A coaching approach package is where we help you rediscover and reconnect to your home to make it your own.

A design approach package is where we create a design based on your vision that you can quickly implement to transform your space.

Personal Styling & Coaching Packages

The Personal Styling packages are not about dressing to impress but about expressing your authentic self.

The different packages available start with the basic foundations, “Fundamental”, that will help you take a healthy pride in your appearance and to look and nurture yourself physically on the outside, then it expands into a “Comprehensive” approach with wardrobe analysis, makeover, and shopping techniques to give you the tools to have an organized wardrobe. Sometimes, changing yourself from the outside is insufficient to ensure a permanent transformation; the “Blueprint” package option includes digging deeper into your inner self by helping you improve your self-image and body confidence, establishing values, goals, and a life and style statement to live by

Need help deciding which package to choose, send us an email at to discuss custom options or book a Discovery Call. This free 30 minutes discovery call is to discuss our services and how we can help you transform your life

Whether personal styling, home styling, or coaching, we will discuss your goals, plans, and the scope of work you’re interested in and explain the process we use to make sure you get the most out of our services.

Transformation Program

Register for our one-on-one five layers of transformation Program, where we help you integrate a change from a surface layer of outer appearance to a deeper layer of inner core, values, and outlook.

The 5 Layers of change:

  • CORE: Discover the inner you through your values, beliefs, attitudes, boundaries, and standards.
  • SELF: Empower yourself through self-confidence, positive self-image, focus, and resilience.
  • STYLE: Learn about your style personality, your body shape’s full potential, and your wow colors.
  • SPACE: Create a presence in your space by understanding yourself and the elements of design.
  • OUTLOOK: Achieve your potential by creating a vision, goals, and a life and style statement to live by.

All services are currently provided virtually through Zoom.